Find a connection to yourself on a deeper level. We ground our feet and stand strong even when the wind is powerful. During an hour we find our way into our bodies through playful and soft movement. We let our breath guide us and we flow effortlessly from one form to another. We curiously explore …

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Give yourself time to embrace all that emerges in you. Instead of running away from emotions, sensations and thoughts, we are embracing it all with acceptance and self-compassion. It is alright to be tiny as well as stronger than ever. One second you master everything and the next one you fall. Through big breaths into …

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Let go!

We are collectors, all of us.  We gather feelings, persons, things, memories etc. But we also collect hurt, stress, emotions of not being enough, of lacking this or that, of not being good enough, of not performing enough… Emotions that make us come from a place of lack instead of overflow. By not letting emotions …

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This class is all about being. It is about your heart - your true self. Dare to stop and land in stillness. Stillness can be all but lovely and we are more than happy to engage us in various activities to avoid being with our feelings. We have all our own monkey mind that gladly …

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